But if we do all three, then something's bound to work! That's where animals with nowhere else to go go to seek help! I really have ruined everything! Everyone knows you saved Bunga's life! Let's go, Fuli! And the original Lion Guard. ", "I've got it! Whenever you needed it. It is the true home and origin of theRoar of the Elders. the Lion Guard takes off to save Makini and Rafiki, only to find that Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha are battling the fire themselves. ", "Oh, yes. ", "It sure is. But, you need to stop squirming. ", "Christmas tree? "We're trying our best to help him, Kion. Oh, I'm sure he does! Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Rise of Scar, Part II - The Guard meets Rafiki's new apprentice Makini. I've never seen anything like that. She is the oldest and wisest animal in the Pride Lands. ", "For someone so evil Scar sure has a lot of friends. She tries her best to help out in any way that she can, even though she may be frightened or even not skilled enough to succeed. Turns out we actually make a great team. What would you say? Two days have passed since Kion became King. The Tree of Life! This is from the day we arrived. With the noise gone, Ma Tembo is able to find the water source. As Rafiki tries to introduce his young apprentice Makini beats him to it. Janja's Clan pounce on her, striking her staff away and stealing Kiara from her. She is Rafiki's young apprentice, chosen by the Great Lions of the Past. The next moja kwa moja stone. In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo the elephant directs her herd in preparing for the Ukumbusho Tradition, a celebration that honors the peace established between the elephants and lions of the Pride Lands. Oh, but I'm here. Once Makini and the guard reach the volcano, Scar reveals himself to them and commands Janja's clan, Reirei's pack, Kiburi's float, Mzingo's flock, Ushari, Kenge, and Shupavu's group to attack them. But now that that's over I can really, really focus on painting! Kion tells her to keep quiet about his ability, and Makini agrees. Makini VOICE Landry Bender. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Ukumbusho Tradition - Makini and the Guard are excited to attend their first Ukumbusho but bees threaten to ruin the important celebration! - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Snow monkeys! Landry Bender is the voice of Makini in The Lion Guard. I don't hear anything. Makini is overjoyed to have found the meaning of silence and starts to sing again, but remembers that her staff is missing. And, nobody here will help us find Tuliza! When they reach Ma Tembo, even more animals are relying on her to find the water source. I only heard what you were saying. On my first trip to the Tree of Life. Just close your eyes. I think Christmas celebrates the gift of the circle of life. ", "Oh, no my staff. The two part ways. ", "Yes! That's me. ", "Hear what? It's gonna be so great! 397 Views. ", "I've already been to the Tree of life, remember? I've got it! Have you ever seen anything like that, Kongwe? And, now we're stuck in a hole. ", "They can't move at all? I'm almost totally sure that's what Rafiki said can help! Shwari, Kion. ", "Rafiki's teaching me all about remedies, so maybe I can help. You were amazing! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Makini thanks her mentor for telling her but Rafiki adds on talking to bad lions is a really bad idea. ", "Kion. https://disneyjuniorpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Makini?oldid=22378. She is especially impressed by Fuli for being the first ever female member. Makini was first seen in early January 2017, on a French sticker album due for release in March 2017. Makini is a supporting character in The Lion Guard, making her first appearance in the Season 2 episode The Rise of Scar. Ushari leaves, but Makini is still intrigued and, when she returns to Rafiki, starts to ask him. Her hands, feet and muzzle are pink. Queen Janna has completed her journey in the Circle of Life. I know. Makini relies heavily on shwari to keep her calm in stressful situations. Green? ", "Oh, I'm glad you're here! For inspiration! She is eager to meet and befriend everyone that she meets. ", "I know that I was here with you, Mom. When the guard … You make it look so easy! Right over here! He tells her that if she listens hard enough the staff will choose her. I hope he didn't get lost or hurt. They get into a conversation about the Lions of the Past, and Ushari asks her if they can hear the bad lions as well as the great. I had a lot of fun with my mom and dad the last time I was here. Later, after Kiara was saved, Ma Tembo is still unable to find a source, with many animals chanting 'water water water' all around. If you keep talking you might wake her up. She is voiced by Landry bender. ", "Oh yeah! "See this rock? She admires Princess Kiara and Fuli, and has admitted that she is very proud of the latter. You were right Kion. Like a rainbow." But, worth it. You're making more rocks fall. Rafiki explains that the Bakora Staff will bring them back, and that they appear in fire as opposed to the clouds. Article by … Oh... Shwari. Anga, how far is the next moja kwa moja stone. 1 Season 2 1.1 The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar 1.2 Rafiki's New Neighbors 1.3 The Ukumbusho Tradition 1.4 The Bite of Kenge 1.5 Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas 1.6 The Golden Zebra 1.7 The Scorpion's Sting 1.8 The Wisdom of Kongwe 1.9 Cave of Secrets 1.10 The Fall of Mizimu Grove 2 … ", "No, no, no! The animals all join together to dig, unleashing a new watering hole. "Shawri, Ono. Sure sounds smart, don't you think, Fuli? ", "Animals of the Tree of Life, friends from near and far, it is my honor to present... King Kion!". "', "The hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear. When Kiara hears that Ma Tembo is having trouble, she receives her parent's blessing to help and when Makini asks if she go with her, Nala and Simba see it as an opportunity on how the future queen and Mjuzi will work together, and the pair set off.
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